Digbeth Business Forum

Meeting Minutes 

29th September 2021

The regular Digbeth Business Forum meeting was called on 29th September at South and City College, with the agenda being to discuss the ERDF funded Halloween event.

In attendance were:

Rachael Giaramita

Kieran McIninery 

Mike Hopkins

Jacqueline Maher 

David Whittall

Joshua Allerton

Mark Birch

Daniel Bartram 

Libby Hannon

Andy Millington 

Marcus Watson

Andy Herbert

Andrejs Lipsbergs 

Andrew Parker 



  • Beauty School will be providing beauty appointments in Strand and Lock.
  • They will shortly be providing a PDF of looks available.


  • Sukit10c will have a light projection show at Typhoo Tea Works from midday-11pm.
  • Their after-party will be at Sukit10c from 11pm-5am.


  • Misery Worldwide are hosting “A Nightmare on Floodgate Street” with pop-up exclusives and sale pricing on clothing. There will also be DJs and drinks, from midday-7pm. 


  • Alleways Vegan Sweets will provide a sweet shop on Floodgate Street.
  • Mentioned Soul Cafe will be bringing performers.


  • Floodgate and South & City College Birmingham will have an indoor and outdoor stage set-up – programme to follow after meeting.
  • This will be a calm family-friendly area for attendees, with games and street food.


  • Mama Roux’s, BIMM and Zumhof Biergarten are planning to collaborate for an event, featuring live music and a haunted house. 


  • Venues will be able to access support in funds to put next to activity – Agreed best way is for a matched funding process with venues applying for support via DBF Treasurer.


  • Need links with other operators: Head of Events at Oval will be asked to help with tenants – Rachael will pick up with others.
  • Red Brick Market.
  • Hennesseys.
  • The Ruin Bar.
  • The Floodgate.
  • Roxy Ballroom etc. 

The next DBF meeting will be taking place at Kanteen on Thursday 7th October, from 9.30am. If you would like to come along and discuss how you can be involved in our Halloween event, please RSVP here.

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